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The World’s Leading Conference on ISO 9000 & Audits

Key Elements to Successful Changes That Improve Quality and Deliver Lasting Results

Industry: All Industries

Keywords: Continuous Improvement; Leadership, Employee Engagement

Level: Advanced


This session is designed to show how successful transformations are driven from the resources, metrics and continuous adoption of the change. People are at the root of every successful change, and in this session, you will learn how to engage them, and how even the most resistant person can be brought along the journey. You will also see the metrics needed to manage change, ensure the stickiness of the change, and drive lasting results. In this session you will walk away with key questions to ask about your business transformations including:

    • Do your transformations/changes start with the desired outcome?
    • Are you clear on what your measures of success will be?
    • Do you know what the cost of poor quality is?
    • Do you have a clear plan to ensure adherence to the change?
    • Is your solution fixing the real problem?

In order to have crisp metrics, ensure your transformation has defined the KPI, ROI, COPQ, and that the data to do the measure exists, you will need to focus on who will create, maintain and review the data, and who is responsible for ensuring adherence to the changes. The human factor is touching every part of your transformation, regardless of how much automation you are implementing. Don’t lose sight of the people and their positive impact. Celebrate your wins. And plan to error proof your transformations. Building the right team, the right change management mindset, and showing the positive effects of potential outcomes - AND THEN showing the ACTUAL outcomes builds a trust so that all the stakeholders will be excited for your current and future projects.

People are at the root of every process, and to ensure a sticky change, what are the key elements needed to ensure compliance, adherence, and understanding across all resources? How can your transformation project ensure that the focus is on the resources – their engagement, ideation, and the right lasting solution.

Join this exciting session to see how you can get the best from your teams and stakeholders so your business transformations are the best in the business.


Cynthia Long

Continuous Improvement Change Leader, Intuit, San Diego, CA, USA

Cynthia Long is an award-winning Continuous Improvement Leader and Strategist. Over the last 20 years, her passion for Lean Six Sigma has led her to create, innovate, and be a Revolutionary Leader for Continuous Improvement. She is based in San Diego. As a leader in technology, Cynthia is driven to mentor other women so that they can find magnificent opportunities for awesome careers in tech.

Her expertise includes, being a Revolutionary Leader for Continuous Improvement, Business Transformation Strategist, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Public Speaker and a dedicated Philanthropist and Mentor to women in tech. Her speaking engagements include:

    • Strategic Conversations- Mentoring and Beyond (Women in Technology)
    • Build to Fit - Paint to Match; Continuous Improvement in an ever-changing landscape (ICMI Contact Center Expo 2022)
    • Data; Driving from the Customer Seat (Intuit)
    • Cost of Complexity (Intuit)
    • Surviving Domestic Violence (Compass Center for Women and Families)

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