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How to Triple Your Success Rate When It Comes to Transformations

Industry: All Industries

Keywords: Transformation, Leadership, Visual Management

Level: All Levels


This talk is for people who are leading transformations in their company and are struggling to increase momentum. Start advancing your transformation tomorrow with these tips. Adam uses nearly two decades of observed transformation mistakes and the countermeasures used to breakthrough organizational politics and stalling.

Leadership is always the number one failure mode of transformation but there are nuances underneath that can be major contributors. I rescope issues based on the authority of the highest leader fully bought in. I've gathered the top issues I've found leading transformations internally and as a consultant. Each topic will have examples, symptoms, characteristics and how to address them. Many of my points might surprise or even shock some attendees as they go against conventional wisdom. The post-pandemic landscape has rewritten many of the rules of how transformations are done.

I will share learnings that help companies proceed with the new challenges. I will bring examples from a vast variety of industries as well as different stages of transformation. I will discuss leadership turnover and employee engagement, as well as monitoring success. A few examples of factors include:

1.Top Key Strategies

2.Leaders Expectation of Staff

3.Role of Incentives

4.Visual Management

5.What Antibodies Do

This is half of the list I have complied and discussion will extend beyond these five. Transformational leaders and practitioners can expect to walk away with a list of things to avoid and a list of things that work. These will augment existing transformations and help set the stage for upcoming ones. If possible, I would like the ability to answer a few live questions from the audience during the session. Attendees gain valuable information from the informal discussion during a short Q&A session.


Adam Ward

Coach | Author | Speaker, AdzMikl, Columbus, OH, USA

"Adam Ward has been working in a variety of lean design and operational roles for the past three decades. He has had an opportunity to work in nearly 17 different industries with hundreds of teams up and down the hierarchy chart. Today he spends most of his time focusing on a few clients while speaking and enjoying time with his family. He is the best selling author of Lean Design in Healthcare and its companion, the Healthcare Innovator’s Workbook."

Adam Ward is an experienced executive coach who has helped hundreds of leaders achieve their goals. He has an uncanny ability to identify root causes that prevent organizational growth and help clients overcome these challenges and obstacles at scale. Adam has a wealth of experience working with executives in a variety of industries.

He has worked with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, and other senior leaders. He is fluent in operational excellence, design thinking, Agile, and other operational and development methodologies. Adam has experience in seventeen different industries and loves the challenge with learning and helping each. His deepest satisfaction comes when the client succeeds.

Adam is a trusted advisor to his clients. He is confidential and supportive, and he always puts his clients' needs first. He is also a skilled listener and communicator and is an Amazon best-selling author. He coaches graduate students at Ohio State Fisher College and runs online career mastermind groups. He is a 3X Ironman, 2X 70.3 World Championship finisher, and an Ultraman finisher.

Today he spends most of his time fishing from his kayak or boat or watching his first grandchild. He has invested a significant amount of time in the non-profit space the last 5 years. In the winter, he does woodworking, creating legacy heritage tables & desks. His wife of 30 years, their parents, 3 adult children and their families live in the Columbus, OH area. They are all avid Buckeye fans.

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