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The World’s Leading Conference on ISO 9000 & Audits

Optimizing Quality and Leadership: Vinfast's US Triumph Post-IPO

Industry: Services

Keywords: IPO; Vinfast; Strategy

Level: Basic  


Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of operational excellence, leadership evolution, and process refinement at the upcoming LSS World Conference. Join us for an insightful exploration of Vinfast's remarkable trajectory in the wake of its IPO, offering an invaluable case study for professionals, leaders, and managers within major corporations.

Our event is meticulously tailored to empower attendees with tangible takeaways, equipping them to navigate the intricacies of quality enhancement, leadership transition, and process optimization. With a keen focus on practical applicability, this conference illuminates how Vinfast, a distinguished member of Vingroup - Vietnam's premier corporate entity, effectively leveraged its IPO momentum to flourish in the competitive landscape of the United States. Dive into dynamic discussions led by a renowned expert in operational excellence, Lean methodologies, and Six Sigma principles. Grasp the intricate interplay between quality elevation and transformative leadership as we dissect Vinfast's triumph, unraveling the strategies that propelled its success. Immerse yourself in a learning environment where actionable insights abound, ready to be integrated into your own corporate endeavors.

The LSS World Conference serves as a convergence point for forward-thinking minds, uniting professionals who seek to refine their approach to quality-driven leadership and process evolution. Engage with peers from diverse industries, exchange perspectives, and unearth innovative solutions that transcend boundaries.

From interactive workshops to enlightening panel discussions, this event offers a multifaceted exploration of contemporary business challenges and their resolutions. Our comprehensive program transcends jargon and buzzwords, ensuring accessibility to all attendees regardless of their familiarity with the subject matter. Whether you are an established leader, an aspiring manager, or a dedicated professional, this conference is designed to empower your journey towards operational excellence. Forge connections, gain actionable insights, and leave with a renewed perspective on quality-centric leadership and process enhancement.

Join us at the LSS World Conference to unravel the intricacies of Vinfast's post-IPO accomplishments, and to ignite your own pursuit of excellence.

The knowledge shared, discussions sparked, and connections forged during this event promise to catalyze your growth as a proactive leader and a champion of quality-driven transformation.


Hoshin Kanri: Elevating Quality and Transforming Leadership for Big Corporations

Industry: All Industries

Keywords: Strategy, Operations, Mindset, Hoshin Kanri, Communication

Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Unlocking Excellence through Hoshin Kanri: Shaping Quality, Leadership, and Processes for Big Corporations. In an era where sustainable success demands unwavering commitment to excellence, this workshop unveils the transformative power of Hoshin Kanri for big corporations. Designed for professionals, leaders, and managers within large enterprises, this engaging session is your gateway to a realm of unparalleled quality enhancement, visionary leadership, and process refinement.

Guided by a globally renowned Operational Excellence Consultant, this workshop will delve into the intricate art of Hoshin Kanri—a strategic planning methodology that empowers organizations to align their compass with strategic objectives. Through a dynamic blend of insightful presentations, interactive discussions, and real-world case studies, attendees will embark on a journey to master the principles and techniques underpinning Hoshin Kanri's success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how Hoshin Kanri can catalyze quality improvement within big corporations, fostering a culture of continuous enhancement.

  • Explore the symbiotic relationship between transformative leadership and the Hoshin Kanri approach, igniting positive change at all levels.

  • Discover how to wield Hoshin Kanri as a beacon for reshaping processes, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Gain insights into real-world applications of Hoshin Kanri, drawn from global corporations that have harnessed its potential.

This workshop transcends theory, offering pragmatic strategies that attendees can readily implement. With a focus on practicality and results, participants will leave equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to lead their organizations towards operational excellence. Elevate your understanding, refine your leadership approach, and steer your corporation towards an era of elevated quality, empowered leadership, and refined processes. Join us for this transformative workshop and chart a course towards unlocking excellence through Hoshin Kanri.


Dr. John Ngo

Founder, John & Partners Global, Houston, TX, USA

Dr, John NGO is Founder & Professional Director of John & Partners JSC and an expert in optimizing business operating systems (Operational Excellence). Top 40 OE experts awarded by American Society of Quality. Senior franchise consultants for North America and Asia Pacific market. Graduated Post-Doctorate of Higher Education – California State University LA. Graduated Doctorate of Economics - European University – Switzerland. Graduated Master of Business Administration – Western Sydney – Australia. Graduated Mechatronics - HCMC University of Technology.

  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
  • ISO Lead Auditor. BOD Member of Automotive Division - Director of Automotive Division in Vietnam
  • Director of FCC Vietnam (Biggest Franchise Organization)

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